Hi all,
This isn't directly related to Socrates Jones, but the two main developers (Connor and Val) are currently involved with another game project. It's called Elsinore, and it's an adventure game about time loops set in the world of William Shakespeare's play "Hamlet." We've been working on it as a side project for about two years now, and just today we launched a Kickstarter that we hope will cover the remaining development costs.

If you have a moment to check it out, we really appreciate every dollar that can get us closer to our goal! (And you know you want that art book...) We also have a Greenlight page up.

If you're interested in following our progress, our development blog is on Tumblr. We also posts updates on our Twitter and Facebook page. We've put a lot of ourselves into this project, and we're excited to finally share it.


After a long wait, we're happy to finally announce that the Russian version of Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher is live on Kongregate! As always, your saves should carry over between languages.

Once again, if you find any problems with the translation, please contact Val by email at vreznitskaya[at]gmail[dot]com.

A huge thanks to our very dedicated translation team!

НТО "Красный Цвет"
Петр Кузнецов
Александр Синецкий
Георгий Шулико
Максим Б
Іван "Moonfrost" Д


We know it's been a while, but we're proud to announce that the Dutch version of Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher is now live on Kongregate! You can now choose your prefered language before you start the game. If you have cookies enabled, your saves should carry over between versions.

If you find any bugs with the loader or problems with the translation, please contact Val by email at vreznitskaya[at]gmail[dot]com.

We want to give a huge thanks to our wonderful Dutch translation team for putting a ridiculous amount of hard work into the project! They are:

Djamel van der Sluis
Ruud Hogenboom
Niels de Jong

Coffee Assistant/Koffieassistent
Stijn Wieland

Translators' Cleaner/Schoonmaker van de Vertalers
Emmanuel Loran


Socrates Jones: Pro Filosofer is een flash-game en avonturenspel met een fantastische verhaallijn. In het spel moet je discussies winnen door goede argumenten te geven en argumenten van de ander te weerleggen. Je discussieert met de grootste filosofen uit de geschiedenis als John Stuart Mill en Thomas Hobbes om de aard van het moraal te vinden en te ontsnappen uit het hiernamaals

Daarnaast is het spel ook erg grappig, hartstikke origineel en mysterieus. De filosofie die je in dit spel leert is op de werkelijkheid gebaseerd en daarom erg leerzaam.

Het spel is beschikbaar in Nederlands.


Hey all! Online voting is open for DATA 2014. If you liked Socrates Jones, please vote for it here. It's in the Student category. The winners will be determined primarily through the online voting process; it will mean a lot to us if you take a few minutes and vote for our game. (And check out some of the other entries too!)


We've got some exciting news! Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher was chosen as a finalist for DATA2014 in the Student category. DATA, or the Design, Art and Technology Awards is an annual interactive exhibition and creative technologies summit that takes place in Pittsburgh, PA. This year, it will be May 7-8.

Voting for submissions will be open to the public at some point in the near future. We will be sure to post more details when we can.


Hi all! The official Socrates Jones website is now up and running. From now on, this will be the central hub for all content related to the game. (We got tired of having it strewn all over the Internet.)

Right now, we're focusing a lot of our effort on getting the game translated into other languages. Check back soon for more news about our progress.