About Socrates Jones

Everyone Socrates Jones knows seems to loves philosophy -- Everyone except Socrates himself, that is. A simple accountant from New York, Socrates has never been interested in philosophical questions or the art of arguing. But when Socrates finds himself debating for his life against a queue of famous philosophers, he has no choice but to expand his horizons in a quest to find the true nature of morality.

Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher is a Flash-based visual novel that borrows heavily from the Ace Attorney series - while adding its own unique twist to familiar mechanics. An entertaining short story in its own right, the game aims to be a light-hearted introduction to the basics of philosophy and debate.

The project started as an Independent Study for Carnegie Mellon University's Philosophy department. Its aim was to explore whether philosophical concepts could be taught through a game. After completing work on a prototype, the team decided to return to the project and expand it into a full game.

Since its release, Socrates Jones has reached a wide audience. The game currently has over 300,000 recorded plays, and was the second highest rated game uploaded to Kongregate in August 2013. The game has since been used in classrooms across the world, and is being translated into a number of languages. The game is available for free here.