Socrates Jones is an accountant from New York City, where he lives in an apartment with Ari, his only daughter. While intelligent, he can be somewhat bumbling and gullible, which has been a source of strain in the past. He prefers not to think about esoteric things like “reasoning” or “justice,” and doesn’t see how those things apply to his life. But hey, so as long as he doesn’t have to find the nature of morality or something, he could still be fine? (Spoiler alert: he has to do exactly that.)

Ariadne “Ari” Jones is a junior at Voltaire High. She inherited her sharp wit from her mother, and has a strong grasp of the essentials of rhetoric and reasoning – though sometimes she conveniently forgets to use them. She is an avid fan of the philosophies of John Stuart Mill, and she loves his ideas even more than she loves sassing her Dad. That is no small accomplishment, as she enjoys sassing her dad quite a bit!

Little is known about the Arbiter, the mysterious ruler of the Intelligible Realm. A surface analysis indicates he has a dark sense of humor and affinity for cloaks, but beyond that things start to get murky. There are rumors of supernatural powers, but if they exist he seems content not to use them. He spends his days mediating the debates between the various philosophers that occupy his realm, in the hope of finding the answer to some of the great philosophical questions.